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Receive serial data from Teensy (in Touchdesigner)
  • Hello,

    Is it possible to connect from the hardware/Teensy straight to Touchdesigner (which has objects for serial connection)? I guess that would mean re-creating parts of the illuciaConnect.pde in Touch (probably with a python script). I'm thinking about using the Illucia hardware as a patchbay for a network of videofilters (choose the order etc.) and i'd love to have it run "natively".

    The way it works in my head, is that now, the Processing code is converting serial data to OSC. So recreating the Processing code, without the OSC conversion should be...doable? I dont need the system to make OSC. I will just use the serial data as controls.

    I'll take any tips you throw at me!

    Again, thanks for making such a great project open source. Inspirational.

    mmake, Finland