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Can't open schematics
  • Hi!

    I am so excited of Illucia! To have something physical to go with all the virtual patching is just perfect. So useful and inspiring.

    I am having trouble opening the "illucia_dtr_pcbs"-files from Github. This is my first encounter with .sch and .brd. I tried to open them on OSX with different programs but no. I wonder if there's an open source viewer that's recommended? Are these files meant to be printed as circuit boards?

    Thank you : Marko, Finland
  • Hey! Yeah they open in Eagle: http://www.cadsoftusa.com/

    The trial version is free and they should open just fine in that.

    Let me know if you have any trouble!
  • PS there are two simple bugs (not show stopping - they just require a resistor leg bridge - I'll put a diagram up on github asap. I'll fix it in the circuit if I ever do another board order - wouldnt want to publish a board where I haven't physically tested it).

    The PCBs are super simple though. I made the board to a) mount the teensy b) make it easier to solder wires c) create a design where I could easily transition to an SMD non-teensy run if I wanted to.

    You could just deadbug resistors to jacks and run wires straight to a teensy if you wanted - it is just tricky to solder and then mount durably/reliably.

  • The Eagle software worked great! Im sure it's better with the PCBs. Have to figure out where to get those first! I guess i can just order them from the web, if i dont find anything locally...
  • Cool!
    Also worth noting that the smaller pcb (the USB breakout) might not be necessary depending on how you build the unit.
    I designed mine to be rugged and durable yet with a clean point of entry on the enclosure for USB, so I used the Amphenol USB jack.
    If you're going diy and/or into a different enclosure you might only make the larger teensy breakout board and just run a cable from your computer right to the Teensy's USB board.
  • I'd like mine to be rugged and durable also! I thought about getting the same enclosure thats in the parts list. I have so little experience in electronics, it's best for me to just follow the instructions!
  • One is just on the USB breakout board for the Amphenol USB jack (which is a rounded rectangle/requires custom CNC work on the illucia enclosure).
    That board isnt needed unless you use that same amphenol rugged usb jack. Is maybe a hair overkill to use those.

    The other goes from the main illucia board to the teensy. I don't have a pic handy at the moment but it is really straightforward. There is a section of 3 plated holes on the side of the Teensy that has the reset button. You just send a resistor leg through the +5v power hole.