a different controller.

illucia dtr is a patchbay controller for connecting computer programs. The base design has 16 jacks, 6 knobs, 4 buttons, 4 switches, and 4 LEDs. It is USB powered, portable, and durable. illucia works with Mac/Win/Linux and uses software written in Processing (so the code is hacker&artist friendly). It also speaks OSC, so it is compatible with many existing programs (it even has a set of custom Max objects). See the user guide for more info.

open source everything.

illucia dtr is open source hardware and buildable with commonly-available parts. It uses a Teensy++ microcontroller (with Arduino comptabile code for ease of modification), and was designed around a durable, affordable aluminum enclosure. illucia's code, schematics, and design are on github, so you're free to build one, or remix it as a tupperware patchbay, a giant industrial console, or anything else you can imagine!